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About Christa


Christa A. Hunter, CMT 


Educational & Professional Background:

~Graduated in 2000 from the PA School of Muscle Therapy, Wayne, PA - Professional Massage Therapist

~Graduated in 2002 from the PA School of Muscle Therapy, Wayne, PA- Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapist, I, II

~Studied and performed Craniosacral Therapy & Myofascial Therapy under the guidance of Dr. Barry Gillespie, Brain Therapy , & The Gillespie Approach, King of Prussia, & Bird-in-Hand, PA from 2002-2010

~Opened my own Massage Therapy Practice in Baltimore, MD, 2004

~Between 2012-2015 I began my agricultural studies in MD, NY and VT learning about Biodynamics, Permaculture Design, and Organic Farming



I currently live in the beautiful countryside with my dogs and crazy chickens.

My practice philosophy incorporates working with the client through physical and intuitively inspired healing realms.  I am less involved than one might think, as I truly believe that individuals have the innate capacity to heal themselves over time, especially if given the proper space and encouragement to allow the body to relax and let go of internal restrictions. So much of what we suffer from as adults has likely started at birth, later in childhood or as a result of some trauma, or healing crisis, which causes a myriad of issues, both physical and emotional.  As your practitioner, I hold the space for your healing, however it evolves, while working carefully and compassionately to promote your higher and best self to emerge. Among my interests as an Integrative Bodyworker is sharing my healing work with Prenatal and Postnatal women, newborns, children and individuals suffering from chronic pain and stress. 




~ Artwork by Melina Delmar 




                                        "Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul."  

- Emily Dickinson